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Fast Help With Broken Key Removal in Walthamstow

Getting a broken key out of a lock yourself is likely to prove tricky. And it’s often the case that the tools that you need to do the job are on the other side of the door! It’s not a problem. Broken key removal in Walthamstow is one of the things Ian's Locksmith locksmiths do on an almost daily basis:

  • In an emergency situation, request a rapid response service – your locksmith will be with you in around 30 minutes
  • If the job’s not urgent, set up your appointment for a time and day that suits you

Quality and Security Assurances for Key Extraction

  • Locksmiths travel with the tools to remove any sort of key from any sort of lock, and to fix common lock problems
  • Use this service to remove broken keys from doors, windows, safes or other locked furnishings or fixtures
  • In most cases, it’s possible to get the key out without damaging the mechanism
  • For your security, all locksmiths arrive in branded vehicles, wear a recognisable uniform and carry photo ID
  • If you’re locked out and have any safety concerns you can request a meeting point at a nearby location

From Broken Key to Working Lock

Removing the key from the lock is of course only the start of your service. What happens after that will depend on the exact circumstances:

The lock will be checked – This is always a part of your service. If a fault in the lock caused the key to break, this will be fixed if possible. If the mechanism isn’t repairable your locksmith can change the lock and issue you with a new key.

If you need a replacement key – One can be generally be produced on the spot using your spare, or even the broken stub as a template.

Services for Commercial and Domestic Clients

Broken key removal in Walthamstow is offered for both private and business customers:

  • Services are available seven days a week
  • Ian's Locksmith‘s locksmiths maintain a 24/7 on-call rota, so you’ll get a fast response in emergency situations
  • Getting a quote for your work is quick and simple. Just call us, anytime, to get straight through to a customer service adviser