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Get Guaranteed Door Repairs in Walthamstow

Ian's Locksmith door repairs in Walthamstow can be completed as a matter of urgency, or on a pre-planned basis. Both options are suited to domestic and commercial customers and are completed by reference and security-vetted workers. Call us when:

  • The door is no longer securing your property and you need emergency help
  • For external doors that are functioning and secure but not operating smoothly, or for repairs on internal doors

Service Benefits for Door Fixing Services

  • Your work will be done by experienced tradesmen
  • Everything is completed under both employer’s and public liability insurances
  • Any products used to complete your work will be of superior quality
  • Where British Standards apply to a part, components used in your work will meet them
  • Labour and parts are backed by a six-month guarantee

How Your Door Repairs Will be Completed

The details will, of course, depend on the fault to be remedied. Broadly speaking your service will proceed as follows:

Emergency door repairs – Your tradesman will bring all the materials, parts and tools needed to make the door secure and safe to use. Broken glass, damaged wood or other debris arising from a forced entry will be removed. Damaged fixtures such as hinges or locks will be repaired or replaced as needed and any holes left will be boarded up using a good quality plywood.

If longer-term work is required to return the entrance to its original appearance you’ll have a chance to discuss this with your repair worker. Arranging follow-up remedial work at the time of your emergency door repairs may also entitle you to a discount on some part of your service.

Planned door repairs – Your tradesmen will need to examine the door to determine exactly what the problem is and how best to fix it. Some of the work typically required includes adjusting hinges that have dropped, shaving wooden doors that are sticking, or making adjustments to strike plates when doors are catching or difficult to lock.

Setting Up Your Service

  • Call Ian's Locksmith using our 24/7 customer support line
  • Get an immediate quote for door repairs in Walthamstow
  • Confirm your booking in a single call
  • When you need emergency repairs your worker will be with you in less than an hour
  • Planned door fixing can be completed any day of the week