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The Gain Entry Service in Walthamstow That Won’t Keep You Waiting

Whether it’s from your car, office or home, getting locked out is no fun. The good news is that Ian's Locksmith offers a fast response service to gain entry in Walthamstow:

  • Emergency locksmiths operate a 24/7 rota to cover lock-outs
  • Typical waiting time for your helper to arrive is 30 minutes or less

Keeping You Safe if You’re Locked Out

  • All locksmiths are subject to detailed background checks, including DBS vetting
  • For ease of identification, your technician will arrive in a branded vehicle and wears a company uniform
  • If you’re uneasy about waiting immediately outside the place or vehicle, arrange a nearby safer meeting point
  • We won’t take advantage of your misfortune – you’ll get a clear quote when you get in touch and pay a fair price for your work
  • Depending on circumstances, you may be asked to show ID or proof of address at some stage of your service

Dealing With Your Lock Out – And Beyond

Possible reasons for being locked out include lost, stolen, or broken keys, or faulty locks. Whichever of these apply your service will cover getting you back inside and taking the steps necessary to ensure that you’re able to use the door again.

Your locksmith will firstly deal with the locked door. This could involve removing broken keys, manipulating the locking mechanism or other steps. It’s almost always possible to open a door without damaging it and your technician travels with the right tools to do so.

If opening the door reunites you with your keys, your service is over once this is done. If your keys are lost or stolen a replacement will be prepared, or the lock changed and new keys issued.

If the problem lies with the lock this will be examined once the door is open. Faults will be repaired when possible, if a repair isn’t possible or cost-effective, you’ll be offered the option of lock replacement.

Non-Urgent Lock Opening Also Available

The Ian's Locksmith gain entry service in Walthamstow is available both as an emergency service and also for non-urgent situations – if for instance you have a window that won’t open, or are locked out from a door that you don’t need to use very often. Either way:

  • Use the same 24/7 number to get in touch
  • Request a quote
  • Confirm when and where you’d like your service delivered