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We’ll Open Your Home or Office Safe in Walthamstow

Whether it happens at your home or at your workplace, a safe that won’t open represents a considerable inconvenience. Call Ian's Locksmith for an open safe service in Walthamstow that’s delivered by fully qualified locksmiths who’ve undergone specialist training to prepare them for this delicate work:

  • Safe opening services are available as emergency call-out or pre-planned interventions
  • Your safe technician is generally able to get the unit open without irreparable damage to the box or locking mechanism

All Kinds of Safes and Vaults Opened

  • Use this service for your wall safe, floor safe, strong box or vault
  • Locksmiths work with combination, keyed and electronic models
  • Safe opening technicians are DBS-vetted and reference-checked individuals
  • Services generally commence using non-damaging methods to open the unit
  • When time is an issue, you can instruct your safe opener to get the box open by the fastest method possible

Some of the Techniques Used for Safe Opening

With so many different sorts of vaults and strong boxes on the market, our professional safe locksmiths employ a wide range of methods to release stuck locks. These include picking mechanical locks or manipulating combination ones. Other methods used include fault-finding for electronic safes where problems in either wiring or software can cause failure, and using factory override codes to open units that have gone into lock-down mode as a result of incorrect combinations being used.

These non-damaging methods are often sufficient to release the locks. When they aren’t, more drastic methods such as bouncing the safe or drilling out locks can be employed. Once the safe is open, attention turns to understanding why it failed in the first place, and wherever possible repairing faults or damage so that it can be used again.

On some occasions, an underlying fault in the unit may mean that it’s impossible to return it to a reliable condition. When this applies your locksmith will advise you accordingly, and on your request will recommend replacement models that will suit your needs.

Getting the Help You Need

Setting up your safe opening service in Walthamstow only takes minutes:

  • Call the Ian's Locksmith customer service line
  • Get an immediate quote for a safe technician
  • Confirm your appointment

That’s really all there is to it!